Here are some common questions about StockroomExchange.com

What is StockroomExchange.com?

StockroomExchange.com is an industry community that allows professionals to sell Integration industry items that they no longer need to other professionals who have a requirement for them. StockroomExchange.com provides an easy to use tool to allow posting and searching to connect buyers and sellers for purchases.

Do I need to be an NSCA member to have a vendor/seller subscription?

Membership is required for a free yearly subscription.  If you are not a current NSCA member, your yearly subscription fee is $249.99.  For information on NSCA membership, please contact Teresa Solorio at tsolorio@nsca.org

Why StockroomExchange.com rather than other classified sites?

StockroomExchange.com is specifically designed for the integration industry by people from the industry.

What types of products are on StockroomExchange.com?

StockroomExchange.com has a variety of items listed at all times. These products may be new, used or refurbished. Please click here to see the current category list.

Who uses StockroomExchange.com?

Subscribers include system integrators that do acoustics, audio, automation and control systems, A/V, communications, data networks, information technology, interactive display, life safety, lighting, telephony, digital signage, video and more.

How do I register?

You can register by clicking here.

What do I get for my subscription fee?

Your subscription gives you unlimited access to all features of StockroomExchange.com including posting sell items, search and user messaging.

Do I need to renew my member subscription every year?

No, StockroomExchange.com will automatically renew your member subscription at the end of the year. You must keep your NSCA membership current to maintain a free subscription. This will ensure that any activity on your account will continue to be functioning when you log in.  Non-members must submit payment yearly to continue activity on their account.

Do I need to renew my non-member subscription every year?

Yes. Non-members must submit payment yearly to continue activity on their account.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You must email info@stockroomexchange.com to suspend your subscription. No refunds for cancellations.  

How do I know what price to list my products?
Most products are overstock parts that organizations have no need for anymore. As technology moves along so quickly often these parts are no longer usable for new system installations. Since most of the products are overstock, have limited benefit to the seller and often taking up stockroom space, most sellers price their product at or below cost.
Is there a limit to how many items I can post for sale?

With your subscription you have an unlimited number of items that you can post.

How does a buyer purchase items?

The buyer must contact the seller directly to arrange payment for products and shipping.

Where do I find guidelines or rules with my subscription?
You can read our guidelines and rules here. They are updated regularly.